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Owning a Luxury RV Lot- Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort

May 16, 2020 Lisa Richart-Hernandez, George Hernandez Season 1 Episode 22
RView RV and Travel Adventures
Owning a Luxury RV Lot- Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort
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George and Lisa talk about how they ended up purchasing a lot at Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort in Hilton Head Island, SC and what the benefits are to owning and what life is like at the resort. The pros and cons and things to do around the Hilton Head area.


Captain Woody's Restaurant, Slapfish Restaurant, Caligany Beach, Fat Baby's Pizza, Dairy Queen. 

Lisa: hi welcome back to our view podcast. I'm Lisa Richart-Hernandez


George: And I'm George Hernandez


Lisa: and we are so excited to be here today. We are recording live from our RV today because we've been on the road for a while which is a great thing um after being quarantined for I guess about eight weeks finally uh we decided to hit the road down to the RV lot that we own at Hilton head Island Motorcoach resort


George: yes it's so nice to finally get out and get down here it's so beautiful here and uh there's quite a few people here


Lisa: Yeah we were thinking about a topic to talk about this week and we spoke last week with some of our neighbors that are here at Hilton head Island motorcoach resort and they've been full-timers for about five years. And there's a great mix of people at this resort people that have been full-timers are not full-timers are still working uh kind of like I am or people that are actually full-timers that are working full-time from their RV. So um hopefully in the future we'll get some other um interesting people to interview but we thought we would talk a little bit more about Hilton head Island motorcoach resort today how we found it how we came across it and how we ended up buying a place down here.


George:yes we're going to try to give you the pros and cons and here we go 


Lisa: well first off how did we find it so when we got our first RV uh which was about two and a half years ago we started searching play for places to go and we searched top 10 RV resorts and Hilton Island motorcoach resort came up repeatedly in most of our searches.


George: almost every search


Lisa: yeah 


George: if you actually go online and search resort RVs or luxury RV resorts or any kind of that combination Hilton head Island motorcoach resort always seems to be like in the top five if not number one 


Lisa: yeah yes um so they've done a really great job and although we haven't been to every single motorcoach resort in the country of course we would love uh we're going to I know so we've got our list of places that are on our bucket list now um exciting thing this week as a side note we finally got a jeep 


George: broke her down


Lisa:after two years of begging me for a jeep we got a jeep 


George: for all, you guys out there do not give up just keep packing away at it but we did she did a great job Lisa actually found it and told me about it and when we went to look at it there was just no doubt in our minds that this was our jeep.


Lisa: Well it's a legitimate jeep it's got what 37-inch fat tires on it's lifted it's a modern warfare limited edition 


George: it's a little ridiculous but like I said to Lisa by the time we bought a regular off the line jeep and I was done with it that's what it would look like anyway and we would probably end up spending way more money so we're both very very happy and excited to have our new addition to the family.


Lisa:yeah as a matter of fact we even took it off-roading already oh that was the name of that little place in South Carolina that we went to.


George: it was hold on it'll come to me in a second just keep talking about it 


Lisa: yeah so we felt like we needed to actually take it into the dirt and see if it could really be a jeep and we did that we got it real muddy and then I was out of the jeep trying to take a video of the new jeep going through the mud and this one over here decides he's going to go fast and then basically slam on the brakes at the end which basically covered me from head to toe in complete mud so


George: in my defense, I had never gone mudding the jeep has huge tires so it displaced a lot of mud, and had my friend not been stopped in front of me in the trail I would have probably just kept going because she was so mad but the place was called battery park 


Lisa: battery park, yeah that's it


George: yeah very very nice place definitely will be back I don't know if I'll take the jeep off-road because it really got scratched up but so they have motocross tracks and trails the trails were really really tight and we did scratch up the jeep a little bit but they also allow you to take the jeep on the motocross track believe it or not as long as there are no bikes on there and that was so much fun to me.


Lisa: so apparently which we did not do we could take the RV up there and at five o'clock it closes down to the public but if you're camping overnight you can still ride the trails so you could get a few more hours of riding and have the place to yourself which should be pretty cool.


George: yes and uh if you want to give them a call their number is let me see if I can find it real quick 843-319-3504 and Ashley is the gentleman in charge of the whole place I think he owns it. Talked to him for about a half-hour he was super cool very laid back it's just a great family place and uh that's how they're running it, 


Lisa: Yeah I mean it's not huge like Durham town is but uh it's only an hour and a half from Charleston and just a quick easy day trip too so um let's go back to talking about Hilton head island motorcoach resort which is the um we kind of got sidetracked on our search um we talked about the google search for the top 10 resorts so when we first decided to go. George was like let's just take it for the weekend and go down and check it out and I think the first time we came here we got a lake site um the rates are about $100 to $130 a night and I mean I think we loved it from the first time we came here and we didn't have a tow vehicle then.


George:no we did not have a tow vehicle we had our first RV and it was we fell in love with it and we wanted to buy a lot right away but I think we both kind of talked each other out of it because we had just bought the RV and we weren't sure if we even enjoyed RVing so we weren't we didn't want to make the investment quite yet so we came we that first time we just really fell in love and then we came a second time


Lisa:yeah so the first time we came when you come in they give you a list of sites that are for sale and the first time when we came they were like sixty thousand, forty-fifty thousand so maybe eighty thousand.


The second time we came now we kind of had started to realize that we like RVing and we really enjoyed this place so we came again we got the list now the prices had gone up to seventy thousand eighty thousand ninety thousand and we noticed a lot of people were renovating the lots putting new pavers in and just really updating doing new lighting some really beautiful outdoor kitchens things like that so I said to George at that time I was like man we really should buy one of these and fix it up and we could probably make some money off of it.


George: and we didn't yeah 


Lisa: and so again once again it just timing wasn't right we talked ourselves out of it and we made some really good friends while we were here those couple times that owned in here.


George:that's the great thing every time we've come here we the people are wonderful and again everybody's like-minded everybody's living the same lifestyle you got an RV and so he just fit in and we really enjoyed the hospitality that was extended to us so we were like all right we really need to do something here.


Lisa: yeah so at that time we almost bought and that I think was like our third or fourth time down here and then finally by the fourth or fifth time that we came we drove in and we were like all right we're gonna buy something this time we're ready we know we had our finances in place and we had sold George's house and we're like all right we're gonna get a lot now the prices are $120, $130. 


George: yeah so the prices 


Lisa: we're kicking ourselves because we could have made a great profit


George:yeah we missed our window so we were kind of down on ourselves and we were walking around with our little sheet of paper and a gentleman on our loop stopped us and said hey are you looking for a lot and we said yeah and he said go down to 187 and talk to them that one's for sale by owner so it's not even listed and he's got a great price so we came we ran down here and we talked to the people that were on the lot and we looked at it and they had done some renovations to it it looks

beautiful it's a smaller lot but when they told us the price I mean we literally just said to them on the spot, okay we'll take it, yeah we'll take it we'll close tomorrow if you want we just we were like we cannot pass up this opportunity and I'm so glad we did that.


Lisa: yeah yeah so you know we said let's talk about what some of the pros and cons are to owning a place here and we came up with a lot bigger list of pros than cons, to be honest, and one of the biggest things that we kind of learned from this quarantine which is something that would have never in a million lifetimes would we have ever thought would happen. But they closed down there's a lot of RVers that even if they had a month reservation say for example in Florida and they don't live in Florida.


George:they were all sudden stranded


Lisa: they were all the sudden stranded with no places to go and you now you know George and I are not full-timers but we know we do travel a lot and so the idea of being homeless if you didn't own a place as you know just like wow so a lot of the full-time owners that are here were really just happy to have that security of knowing that they have this place to stay no matter what during this quarantine and I think that was a really big pro that would never have made it on the list how we not ever been through this pandemic you know 


George: yeah no absolutely, as a matter of fact, I would say 90% of the people that are here now are the owners typically when you come here I would say maybe 50% are the owners and then the other 50% are renters but right now because there is nowhere else to go it's a much higher 


Lisa: yeah even we closed our doors to renters for several weeks during the pandemics so um speaking of renting another pro let's talk about that they split with us so the lots rent for about $100 a night and they split the profit with us so it's 50/50. They manage all the rentals um there's a website Hilton head island motorcoach resort um website and that you can go rent right on there and that's what a lot of people do they come in they want to rent and then they end up falling in love with the place and buying it.


George: And it's really it sounds like 50 50 sounds kind of harsh but you do nothing, yeah yeah they take care of everything so


Lisa: so our HOA fees are $700 a quarter so that's every you know four times a year um so what is that $2800 a year


George: um which again sounds a little high for an RV resort but when we tell you all the amenities that we have and just how absolutely beautiful they maintain this facility it's well worth it.


Lisa: yeah so this is a 50-acre wooded woodland resort and um with paved roads you can only have a class A, C, or super B motorcoach which I know makes people that have fifth wheels unhappy um but one of the nice things about this resort is we don't have just trailers permanently parked here. Your coach has to move every 90 days so we don't have any run-down vehicles that don't work and


George: even if you're an owner and you're full-time and you live here full-time every 30 days you have to start your 


Lisa: 90 days 


George: 90 days you got to start your coach and roll out literally roll out of the gate and then you can turn right back around and roll back in and at first I was like wow that's kind of weird but I totally get it and I like it otherwise we would have RVs on blocks.


Lisa: yeah and like they start putting permanent foundations and skirts and just it really starts to look more of like a trailer park than a luxury motorcoach resort.


George: is there also something about your coach can't be over 10 years old?


Lisa: um I thought I read something like that I think that it's at their discretion I think it just has to be in good condition.


George: yeah if it's older than that was it if it's older than 10 years old you know as long as it's in good shape and not some raggedy yeah thing that's going to fall apart and die in the resort you know you're good to go


Lisa: yeah so you know I'm in a lot of different uh Facebook groups for RVers and stuff like that because I sell some of these lots in here as a realtor and I have ads and people like oh that's where all the rich people go or whatever and I'm like okay well you know it is what it is and everything is relative uh so it is more for a luxury type uh resort um a lot of the coaches in here um you know they're 40 to 45-foot class A home motor homes very recent we have a tiff and fate and there's a lot of Allegra buses.


There are Newmars um there's some Prevos those are like


George: close to a million dollars?


Lisa: yeah I'd love to see some of those things so um it's really beautiful some of the amenities just going to read off the list.


George: Hold on, going back to the RVs don't be discouraged you don't need a half a million dollar rig to rent in here there are some rigs in here that are much older they're beautiful and everybody's welcome as long as


Lisa: yeah oh definitely 


George: yeah you don't have to have half a million dollars super shiny we've seen those


Lisa: What are those like Mercedes sprinter vans the sprinter vans yeah the Classies like yeah yeah yeah but um the full-timers you know mostly have a bigger rig because they live there full time yeah home sweet home that's right um so there's a really beautiful large temperature controlled swimming pool and um an in-ground heated spa like a hot tub um we have a lounge where they play cards they have TVs computers and do socialize have different games all kinds of activities I know they have a book club a biking club you know certain things have changed since we've been social distancing but we used to go play left right-center with a big group on Friday nights and I know on Saturday I'm over memorial day weekend they're gonna have food trucks here we usually have a little snack shack um that serves burgers and stuff with a quarantine they're limiting that right now but really cool when it's up and open you know you just kind of go sit by the pool and bring your cocktail if you want to and then they they sell burgers and hot dogs


George: yeah the pool is beautiful they do a really nice job and they resurface the whole pool yeah so it's beautiful and new and we can't use it right now because we're getting very close to next week next week we'll be able to get in there


Lisa: so we got six tennis courts pickleball courts um ball machine rental for tennis um you can borrow equipment from the office they have a dog park and a dog wash area it has hot water so many people have pets um that yeah that's our fears I think that's part of the draw to it too whenever we go shopping in an RV store or camping world kind of a place there's like a whole giant section for pets and everyone has dogs so that being said there's a lot of people walking their dogs and um most of them are pretty small little kind of dogs but um a lot of cute dogs for the dog lovers out there um there's a Children's  Playground, basketball court, Shuffleboard, um our friends are actually the reigning shuffleboard champions we should be practicing while they're not here


George:whatever they're  going down this year


Lisa:yeah they're that they rule the shuffleboard so 


George: they cheated, I don't know how you cheat in Shuffleboard


Lisa:[Laughter] so I mean I think the best thing especially because when we first came here we did not have a tow vehicle and it's really hard it's not hard to get around because you can uber anywhere but um you can bike anywhere also and just really really love that Hilton head island in all the bike trails um when I used to come here when I was younger this was part of my sales territory when I used to sell uh check guarantee and uh credit card processing and I was like why would anyone want to live in Hilton head it's just a bunch of golf courses and bike trails and old people I guess now that I'm 49 I think it's awesome so I guess I'm officially an old person


George: different perspective if it is for an older crowd it is for families but it's weird because it's not for that teenage-like from teenagers to 20-somethings there's really nothing to do here 


Lisa: What do you mean bicycles and they go to the state park and the beaches there's a lot of teenagers I wouldn't say it's not like a 20-something party nightclub


George: right that's what I'm saying, if you come with your family you're here with your family so let's make the best of it but if you're a college kid this is not where you go on your break


Lisa: I don't know a ton of people from Michigan and up north come to it all the time


George: there you go Michigan that says it all but it is awesome so


Lisa: take that with a grain of salt the age thing so let's talk about


George: hold on let's go back to the bike path the bike paths are all over the island kudos to Hilton head for doing that we read an uh on the bike path there was a sign that basically said they spent like 18 million dollars to set up the bike path and it is completely worth it's always full of people everybody's getting their exercise everybody's having fun and it takes you by all of the locations that you need to go you can bike anywhere on this island and that is wonderful.


Lisa: yeah we can ride our bikes up to the beach in about 15 minutes and it's a really really really easy um easy bike ride with big wide trails off the street you're not worried about you to know getting run over um so it's really really really well done um


George: yeah even crossing the main roads is a breeze they really thought it out and did a great job and you can ride on they've got bike paths on either side of the main road and you could just literally get lost without yeah that's ridiculous there are


Lisa: tons of bike places so and you can rent a bike when you come down here if you don't have one that's great too um and so we also like aside from being able to go to the beach which we really even barely have to do that because we have such a nice pool here um we have so many restaurants that are just in walking distance and it's very rare to find an RV resort that has everything super close like that. Where you don't specifically have to have a tow vehicle um to get around uh we learned that from not having a tow vehicle um but like, for example, uh within walking distance we have captain woody's which is they have an outdoor patio and bar and they have 


George: live music


Lisa: live music um just some kind of like basic seafood type foods there


George: that one we can walk to 


Lisa: yeah we can walk there we can walk to fat babies pizza they have salads and pizzas and calzones and subs really really good lunch place or pizza place ruby lee's we can walk there they have music there it's kind of like a more jazz


George: yeah really really really upscale and nice 


Lisa: yeah me tiara a Mexican restaurant like just a block away we've eaten there it was a good margarita 


George: great margaritas yeah nice atmosphere 


Lisa: and we just got a brand new place called slap fish right outside the gate um and I was really really pleased with the ceviche that they had um you had the fish and chips?


George: fish and chips were okay


Lisa: what I had something else, oh that's I had a fish a grilled fish sandwich that was really good.


George:Yeah it wasn't bad at all


Lisa: check that out again that they had just opened in the middle of the pandemic I feel so bad for those owners right around the corner from that is dairy queen we can ride our bikes there we've learned that


George: there's a dairy queen here? 


Lisa: yeah yeah oh then you got fudge sundaes with peanuts on them really?


George:yep never knew that


Lisa: there's another restaurant right around the corner called redfish that's also like a nice nicer upscale um the Publix grocery store is literally


George:you can walk there too


Lisa: half a mile


George: all these things that we're mentioning right now we can literally walk to from Hilton head motorcoach resort


Lisa:yeah so um just to have all that stuff so close even including a Starbucks and the burger place 


George: five guys


Lisa: five guys yeah McDonald's we've got everything right here so


George: everything within walking distance


Lisa:yeah so um really great place to check it out on your bicycles whatever if you don't bring have bikes on your rig you can rent bicycles anywhere very easily 


George: and they'll bring them to you pretty sure they deliver them


Lisa:yeah yeah yeah so you know those are some of the great restaurants um we talked about just meeting really friendly people and like we've said in the past and we talked to this we meet so many nice couples while we're in our RVs and we always say you have to really like each other if you're going to choose the lifestyle to go and 400 square feet and just be together you know 24 7 basically in these small RV's 


George: everybody that we meet that we talk to they all agree that you can't do this if you as a couple are not if you don't love each other yeah completely on the same page the same likes the same mentality because it is it'll shrink on you real fast


Lisa:yeah for sure and you know there's pro things go wrong and you kind of got to go with the punches and be flexible and that's part of uh you know living in an RV even ours is brand well 2018 practically brand new I mean we got down to Florida one time and we couldn't get the slides to go out go in whatever you know and 


George: yeah


Lisa: um so you know there's always challenges with each different thing that you have so


George:you know an RV is like a boat that's what I compare it to if anybody we used to have a boat except I feel like a fraction of the cost!


Lisa: yeah 


George: everything on a boat is a thousand dollars and everything's always broken on a boat and the RV is kind of the same thing if you think about it this thing is rolling down the road rattling shaking and things are going to come loose things are going to break and to me, that's part of the experience and part of the fun trying to figure out okay can I fix this myself or do I need professional help and so far kudos to Tiffin and I'll give them a shout out their service department is phenomenal it's worth every penny that we paid for this RV I call them up they put me through to whatever department handles whatever issue I'm having and they have been able to walk me through every issue that I've had and for example uh when the slides wouldn't pop out it was a solenoid that went bad they walked me through how to close it manually closed it manually. We drove up to Tampa from key west by the time we got to Tampa the part was waiting for me there I called them up they walked me through how to replace it and boom we were done and ready to roll I don't know what other company does that kind of service I mean my hat's off to them.


Lisa: yeah yeah um a lot of different's I think Newmar has a really good service like that too.


George: I'm sure there's a lot of them a different Fleetwood definitely did not have that kind of stuff


Lisa: no no you definitely see the step up but you know I think when we spoke with our friends last time they had some great advice like buying a used RV first check it out see if you like it if you do like it then get a nice rig you learn the things that you want and what you don't want and then as far as owning you know I was just looking at the prices here we have lots still at Hilton head um that is anywhere from $84,500 all the way up to $150,000.


 So they've done some beautiful renovations on some with new pavers and outside kitchens and fire pits and um so I would highly suggest just come down rent the place for a couple of days take a look at it if you don't fall in love with it you know if you've never really gone RVing and you're just starting out it's a great place to come to a kind of see the lifestyle and meet some really nice people that are very knowledgeable about our being and travel all different places with groups and stuff and we've learned so much from our neighbors and friends um but also like just to see if this is the kind of place that you that interest you know?


George: right because there are people that love this kind of lifestyle and then there are people that buy RVs to disconnect and be more


Lisa: rustic and go right on their own 


George: just go out into the woods and drop anchor or wherever this is not that kind of place this is luxury kick back relax this is like being at well that's why it's called it's a resort right it's resort lifestyle and if that's what you're looking for come down check it out and I promise you you'll fall in love with it.


Lisa:yeah you can go online hhimotocoachresort.com is the website for the resort and then we have um I have hiltonheadrvlotsforsale.com, uh that is that's my personal website um for real estate I also sell real estate on Hilton head um I'm part of the MLS here so uh I'm in charleston and Hilton head uh which you know when people start to get a little bit older and they just don't wanna they want to transition from their RV into you know a condo or townhouse or something kind of a less maintenance uh type living um we can help people with that too um from a real estate standpoint and I think you know from a real estate standpoint I'm kicking myself for not investing in these things earlier oh my god because it's really great to see so much renovation and so many people investing in their lots down here to make them nicer so


George: it's just helped everybody in the long run, 


Lisa: yeah you can still find some deals there's the stuff that's not on the internet I do have uh kind of the inside scoop to a lot of the for sale by owners and stuff so if you want to reach out to me you can reach me um through Hilton headrvlotsforsale.com uh just fill out the form and uh I'll be in touch with you to send you that information.


George: I'm gonna throw out a little call to action here if anybody listening comes and stays and [Music] you like it you love it we would love to have you on our podcast to talk to you to talk to somebody new to this place and get your thoughts 


Lisa: yeah yeah for sure we can do that um and our lot is lot 187 so when we're not here it's in the rental pool and you can always check that out um I think we're 40 foot and I think that's the max size for ours it's a little bit smaller but I love our loop in our corner yeah um with the people that we are friends with here and um just some really good people fun to hang out with


George: yeah and there's always something going on or yeah we had a little somebody's having a yeah party and it has slowed down obviously because of coronavirus but once that virus is gone and we're back to normal there's always a party, yeah oh man it's gonna I think it's gonna be even more intense because everybody's been cooped up for so long.


Lisa:yeah i will say that it's very interesting people they're sort of like early birds I guess in my opinion like people will go to dinner about like so if you're at the pool everyone kind of leaves around 4 30 and goes to dinner at like five o'clock and then they come back out for cocktails or drink around 7:30 or 8 o'clock and then by like 10 people are pretty much heading back so that's what I mean it's like not a super late night thing granted we've had some card games and stuff inside the RV yeah but um it's very it's not like a loud party place but and I think the social atmosphere


George: I think that's part of it everybody wants to be respectful for everybody else because you know you're right next to your neighbor and it is if you had a big party and you were loud yeah I guarantee you people would get upset um so I think everybody's just being respectful and everybody just wants to go to bed early too


Lisa: yeah yes yeah we went over to Jim and Debs which they were on our podcast last time the full-timers and they just renovated their lot and it looks gorgeous and so they have a big sitting area in the back of their space and um a big shed and water fountain in the back and it's just so beautiful and peaceful and she had a little dessert party the other day she made creme brulee I loved that um there's a video probably on my, uh I don't know if I have that on my blog or not but it was on our Instagram.


George: yeah they the uh gentleman that does a lot of the paving here they do a wonderful job we're going to try to do a podcast with him and get his feed on paving and renovating all they did a lot just recently they're almost done with it and he calls it his showcase lot because he's put in every feature that you can possibly imagine in one of these lots for future buyers so they could see he's got a water feature he's got a fireplace he's got a cooking surface it's just they did an absolutely beautiful job and everybody's just upgrading their lots and it's it just looks beautiful in here.


Lisa:yeah it's really really really nice to see people with the upgrades and everything so if you check out that hiltonheadrvlotsforsale.com there are pictures of all the amenities in the area um also that you can just check out there and reach out to me if you'd like more information and rent a place and let me know when you're coming into town we'll uh give you the tour!


George: yeah absolutely we would love to do that and again we would love to have you on our podcast and get your feedback on what you think of our beautiful resort here.


Lisa:you know I just realized we were supposed to talk about the pros and the cons and really there's not a lot of cons I would say the one and only con I can think of which isn't necessarily a con but like there's right about 400 owners in here and it's you know an hour and if you've ever been a part of an HOA especially with 400 people I really don't have to explain to you how that could be a con but


George: you know it's it is and it isn't I always look for the silver lining so my silver lining is this if we didn't have an HOA I guarantee you this would just be a trailer park because we would have people that come in here and just put their rigs on blocks and like you said then they got a permanent skirt and the next thing you know it's an old  dilapidated,


Lisa: run down,


George: run-down place and right you gotta take the good with the bad it's frustrating at times with an hoa but you know I really don't think it's it's that bad um where I own my house previously that was a bad HOA I mean if your grass was over three inches you got the nasty ground if you had a car parked outside for more than five minutes you had the nasty gram it was just a nasty gram about everything so it just took the fun out of living there. We're here it's just about keeping it maintained 


Lisa: with 400 people everybody has a different idea of what the best thing for the resort is but I mean that's how kind of politics works I guess and sort of is a little bit of politics in here.


George: but at the end of the day it's a beautiful resort so they're doing a good job the facilities are fantastic the amenities are fantastic so kudos to the HOA not a big fan but at the end of the day there I think they're doing a good job 


Lisa: and yeah for sure and like we said I mean that's their job so i guess if that i mean that was and it was a struggle to find that as a negative I guess like I don't really know any other negative things about this place


George:well we thought we had to find something and that's the only thing we could find so if that says anything yeah that's the only negative we had is that


Lisa: and i guess if you're a fifth-wheel owner then it's a negative that they don't allow you in here but you know there is another RV um resort down the road um in Hilton head that uh does allow fifth wheels and they also um have like a little marina there and everything you need to have a car there it's not walking distance to any of the things the location, in my opinion, isn't as nice but you can rent there if you want to check out the island and uh if you're coming to that resort and you're interested in you to know maybe changing up to a fifth wheel or I'm sorry a class or something like that and want to get in because our resort is gated so you can't just drive through here if you're interested I'm always happy to let to meet you and show it to you or one of my agents.


There's also a new one being built up by sun city uh which is again sort of farther from the beach and out of town but it's going to be a golf course RV luxury RV community um that's I guess coming in the next year so a lot of places to go in your RV on Hilton head


George: yeah that one is I guess if you don't want to be near anything


Lisa: and you just well if you don't really care about the beach and the restaurants and stuff if you're a golfer and you just like to stay in your house yeah 


George: Yeah I mean it's kind of out there


Lisa: yeah it's but sun city is also kind of far out to me they're sort of their own little community if you don't know what sun city is it's a Del Webb retirement community for 55 plus people probably a thousand homes in there big amenities and stuff and


George: I mean it looks nice


Lisa: got some retirement community 


George: um grocery stores nearby they've got some I guess they've got some restaurants but it's more like fast food it's just out there right some people are here


Lisa: we're near Coligny beach in a Hilton head near sea pines where the heritage of course yep the heritage golf tournament is that sea pines so uh, fortunately, it's going to be in June they're going to do the golf tournament in June but it's going to be no spectators but I imagine there'll be a lot of just kind of buzz going around one thing also that was we love about Hilton head why we came down from charleston there are so many places to eat outside here and so it feels like the restaurants are more open there's beautiful like watch the sunset eat outside to have a cocktail or two or three.


George:or just drink till you forget the count but that's funny I was trying to figure out how to segue that back in because we briefly talked about the restaurants but

we didn't talk about how every restaurant has outdoor seating and it's really really nice we again we live in charleston and that's the one kind of if there was a negative to charleston is that that none of the restaurants have well very few restaurants have outdoor seating.


Lisa: Yeah and you know you i never even really realized it until we can stomach and we could only eat at outdoor restaurants we're like what's open then you know and like people are making like makeshift tents in the in the parking lot in charleston and here they're already set up to be outside and um it's just really really i really enjoy that it's nice i mean i like eating outside anyways you know so um looking at the water and that was really good. So i think that's about wraps it up babe.


George: I think so too i hope we've given you some insight on our beautiful facility here um some lots of pros very few cons so remember what i said if you come and visit and you'd love it please contact us let us know we have all the info for you and we would love to have you on our podcast to talk to you about what your your thoughts are.


Lisa: and even better yet if you live in a luxury RV resort and have a lot there where there are lots for rent that you highly recommend tell us about it tell us so we can come there and do a podcast like this promoting yours and uh people will get a network of amazing places to go stay.


George: yes we've got our jeep now we are ready to roll 


Lisa: and go off-roading


George: yes 


Lisa: all right well thanks my friends for joining us and we will see you next week!


George: bye bye