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January 16, 2024 Lisa Richart-Hernandez, George Hernandez Season 4 Episode 1
RView RV and Travel Adventures
2024 upcoming episodes.
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Listen to George and Lisa as they talk about all the exciting things they have planned for this year.  George and Lisa will be stepping up their podcast game with more episodes and more fun this year.  So buckle up and get ready to enjoy the ride as they bring us along on their adventures.

Lisa RichartHernandez  0:00  
Hi, welcome to RView podcast. We've got a great show for you today, we're going to tell you all about everything we've been up to all the RV resorts, all the RV shows we've got coming up, so stay tuned.

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Welcome to RView with your hosts George and Lisa Hernandez each week listen as George and Lisa talk about their RV and travel adventures all around the world. Georgia and Lisa travel in their 40 foot Class A Tiffin and motorcoach and tow their Jeep Wrangler, always looking for fun and adventure.

Lisa RichartHernandez  0:37  
I welcome back to RView. I'm Lisa RichartHernandez.

George  0:40  
And I'm George Hernandez.

Lisa RichartHernandez  0:41  
We have so much to share with you today and not a one specific thing. But I felt like our listeners have not heard from George and Lisa on their podcast for a while. So I thought I would share with you what all we have been up to. Yeah, we

George  0:55  
haven't forgotten you. We've just been busy. Yeah. Traveling, traveling, traveling, and we'll get to all of that. It's all let's hit it.

Lisa RichartHernandez  1:03  
Yeah, so most of the lat since we've talked to you last week probably went to fantasy fest which we've had several different podcasts on fantasy fest. So we decided that's down in Key West. It's a one week festival that has all kinds of crazy costumes. We stay at Boyd's campground down there, we have a great time we go every year. Last year, we were there for this past year, we were there for like 13 days. So that was a big trip. But we came right from Alabama, where we did a podcast here we're back at Homestead RV Resort, down here in Theodore, Alabama, just 20 minutes south of mobile. And we're working on the resort here, Paradise found RV, which we've done a podcast in the past before with Ty, the developer, they're tight angler. And we're going to do another one with updated information because it's been a while. And I've been down here since August 1, living in the RV and selling RV lots here. So we got that started. And then we took a little break went to fantasy fest the end of October. And then we went back to our home base where we still have our sticks and bricks in Charleston, South Carolina. Got to see all our friends and family there for the holidays, which was great. And then we packed things up again and headed to back down here to homestead RV and did the first mobile Coast coastal Gulf Coast RV show this past weekend at the mobile convention center. So we had a booth there for Paradise found RV Resort and view view properties. And we had a tremendous turnout. I think I've gotten probably sell at least six lots it looks like from just that show. So that's exciting news for me. And for all the owners in the resort and the developers we're almost 25% sold out which is super exciting. And we're just over 50% Complete at Paradise bound. So we have lots of stuff coming up GEORGE You should be in charge of our calendar because I'm busy on the phone every day I working but our next big thing is next week I fly into Tampa for the Tampa RV Super Show. We've done another podcast about that in the past as well. If you happen to be out and about come and visit us at Hilton Head Island motorcoach resort, they have a booth there this year. Tracy Hawkins my number one salesperson will be there manning the booth. She's a full time rver and lives in her motorcoach at Hilton at ILM, motorcoach resort, she can tell you all about it and the benefits of being an owner and that kind of a lifestyle. And then we also have a booth for locker southern view, which is another super exciting resort, we're super proud to be a part of the marketing and sales for that's going to be located just 25 minutes outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Well, we get an opportunity to we're gonna do an updated podcast with Joey locker from locker southern view also. So if you happen to be in Tampa for the show next week, come by and see me. I'll be at one of those two booths. And hopefully

George  4:22  
from now on, we're going to try to do at least one podcast a month if not two, to try to keep you guys all updated on what's going on with all these awesome resorts that Lisa is going to be working with. So stay tuned for all that. We're going to tell you all the exciting stuff that's happening. So in Alabama, they are about 50% Done. Would you say? Yeah, yeah. And they're going to start putting in the electrical the pedestals pretty soon and then God the pads may start pouring and well We,

Lisa RichartHernandez  5:01  
I'm excited because next week, Ty just got about 3000 Little steaks to put in the ground, he has to stake out every single pad on the property, so that when Alabama Power comes, they're going to work in conjunction with each other. It'll probably be I think he's, I think he said, like, two to three weeks to lay the, yeah, they got electrical,

George  5:28  
they got a lot electrical and lay down, they got to put all kinds of electrical boxes and breakers. And I mean, it's a lot of work there basically got nothing out there right now. So as

Lisa RichartHernandez  5:39  
as the realtor all the work is going on underground. So it's not very exciting for me, we did get a tiny home delivered out there, which is awesome. So yeah, it's beautiful. Yeah. So we'll be doing a open house out there tomorrow, and be able to do work from the little tiny home there. When people stop by or want to come see me or meet me at the land. I'll have a little space there. So that's great.

George  6:02  
We've got a tiny home office, a tiny, one

Lisa RichartHernandez  6:05  
tiny space to another. But it was great. We had one of our buyers that had driven in from New Mexico. This past week. stayed right next to us at Homestead RB, so we got to hang out with them, which was really fun. And I love meeting all of the all the people from all over the country that are buying in paradise found RV and it's just really it's just such a cool mix to meet.

George  6:27  
And it's cool for us because it's like, kind of meeting the neighbors early. Yeah, we got to meet everybody first, I guess.

Lisa RichartHernandez  6:34  
Yeah, I can't I can't wait till we do like the first big grand opening owners, you know, event and everyone gets to meet each other. Yeah. But but that's super exciting. We took on a couple new salespeople got Caroline Bailey, she's working with me out of Tennessee's he's also licensed in Alabama. So she's on the phones with calling and following up with all of our buyer leads. And so as Michelle Turner and she's based out of Beaufort, South Carolina, dual duly licensed also. So the three of us have been really busy and sales and so we haven't had a lot of vacationing time. But next week after the Tampa Super Show, we get back and we have our first Mardi Gras parade of Mobile, Alabama. So the first parade is actually tomorrow on Dauphin Island. And that's gonna be in the afternoon at one o'clock. And we've never experienced the mobile, a Mardi Gras, but it is apparently a very big deal here.

George  7:34  
Well, I have but you haven't. And it it's a big deal for them. I haven't experienced one on Dauphin Island. So I'm excited where you are

Lisa RichartHernandez  7:41  
working when you were here before for the I want to call it low. Okay. It was a long time ago, long, long time ago because you were on mountain horse patrol there. So that was a long, long time ago. So we're excited to see what those Mardi Gras is all about. And then the following Saturday on January 28, we're going to be out on our friends the DIY reef monster we did a great podcast with them about offshore fishing. They invited us to ride on their boat in the locals parade on Dauphin Island. So we'll be there with them throwing beads out and I've got some little rubber ducks, little rubber duckies Mardi Gras dogs to throw out. It says buy our villatte stock calm on them. So we'll be out there having fun with our friends and doing some marketing. And, and then on Tuesday the 23rd we leave for Punta Cana for Dominican Republic for weeks a little vacation. So we're excited to see our friends from Charleston that our meeting is down there. And we've also done podcasts on our trips to Dominican Republic, we're staying at the Hard Rock resort. All inclusive. We love that place. We may be talking about that after one of our next podcast. Yeah,

George  8:53  
we definitely need to talk about that. Because the last time we talked about it, it was during COVID. So we should give a refresher on how the resort is running now and how you know,

Lisa RichartHernandez  9:02  
yeah, it's been renovated. And so I'm really, we're really excited to seeing all of that. So then we fly back into Charleston to get our other car to drive back to Alabama. I've got to excited to see your kids and mom. And then we've got some developer work that we're meeting some cool meetings there with our local Charleston developer that we're working with. And I can't wait to share those details with you all listening, but they're just not really quite ready to release yet. It's a project about 85 homes that will be like a portal home. So there's a place in Alabama in Foley Alabama Bama called reunion point. It'll be similar model after that. So it'll be one story homes about 1200 to 1500 square feet with a huge RV garage but so the front of the house sort of looks like a regular house, but it's built sort of around your coach. So super excited about that project are really niq offering? Yeah, I

George  10:01  
love those houses. Yeah, I really want one.

Lisa RichartHernandez  10:04  
So when we sell our big house, that's where we moved to in Charleston super excited about for sure. So I'll be sharing more details with that with our listeners on that as we get more information. We just secured the land. So it's very beginning stages of that. Everything takes so long, it really does. Tape. I'm like, okay, so when are we gonna be able to start selling these and it's like, oh, a year and a half from now we've just got to do all the legwork before that. But my, my history is in flipping houses. And so, you know, I could walk in and see a house and say, Oh, I know what this would look like when it's done. And I can't wait to see it completed. And now it's like walking into raw land and saying, Wow, this is a whole development that's being built from the ground up. And all that goes into into that. And so super exciting for me in my real estate career after 20 years, to be more focused on developers. So it's exciting.

George  10:54  
Let's see from there. We're heading to Tucson. Oh, yes. So yep. Well,

Lisa RichartHernandez  11:00  
we'll be out there. Yeah. We'll be back in mobiele to celebrate the rest of Mardi Gras, which Fat Tuesday is February 13. So it was early Mardi Gras this year. And I'm sure we'll do a podcast about all

George  11:13  
of Mardi Gras mobile Mardi Gras, but yeah, we have to we got to fill everybody in on

Lisa RichartHernandez  11:18  
that once we get all the lay of the land and learn all the ins and outs of everything but we locals now. Yes, we are. Yes, that's for sure. So then I'm really excited about our big trip in March to the family motorcoach Association show in Tucson, Arizona. That's not until March 20. We're going to drive out I think we're going to leave and stop in Austin, Texas over St. Patrick's Day weekend, kind of halfway out to Tucson, which is exciting. If you have gone to the family motorcoach Association shows in the past and have any tips or tricks about that, we'll have a booth there for view properties. And, and I will be representing all of the resorts there. Would love to kind of get hear from you. Yeah, tell us tell us what to look for what else to see in Tucson area. So we can give you some more good podcasts about things. While we're all the way over there. We might as well have

George  12:14  
a suggestion on what we should stop and see on the way out there because I don't feel like driving 12 hours a day. So we're gonna have to break that up. Yeah, as much as possible. So if you have any recommendations between Alabama and Tucson, Arizona on places that we should stop and check out? Let us know. Please put it in the comments. Yeah.

Lisa RichartHernandez  12:33  
And then also, on the way home, we're going to, because we're all the way over there, stop again and mobile. I'm sorry, Moab, Utah, our favorite place on the planet. And it happens for a week. Yeah, that's George's vacation. It's what's the Jeep something.

George  12:50  
It's the Easter Jeep Safari, we did not plan it, we just booked it. And it happened to be the same week. So double excitement. As a matter of fact, I need to go on the website on the 18th and sign up for all the trail rides. Which we've never really done with a big group. So I'm excited about that hitting the trails with a big group and gives you a little more confidence.

Lisa RichartHernandez  13:13  
We're still not doing any level 10 courses, just saying that you just put it out there. Yes. Or no not doing anything scary. I love adventure. But I learned my lesson from that one level 10 You ruined me. I'm not doing it again. So scared. Yeah. But if you also have done that jeep safari in Moab, I would love we'd love to hear advice on that as well. Because that'll be our first first time ever doing that. Yeah, especially

George  13:40  
that when we're going in blind, I'm assuming that I can just sign up for these trail rides and just show up. And it's pretty cool. They tell you what to bring. And, you know, so you're prepared. But if there's anybody that has any awesome tricks, tips, advice, anything, please give it to us. Yeah.

Lisa RichartHernandez  14:00  
Or if you're already out there, let's meet up and, you know, meet some of our other podcasts with you. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So we have some exciting stuff going on. And I just we just felt like we wanted to take some time, give you an update on where we're at and what we're doing. People are constantly saying, Where are you, Lisa, and George and George Chase over over here. I know. But I've been, you know, as far as my business is concerned, traveling between Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina pretty regularly. So I can help you in any one of those three states now. And building teams here and getting that all lined up. So everything run smoothly. We've got some mastermind groups with some people that are looking into purchasing and developing campgrounds and RV resorts. So that's exciting for me too. And in future podcasts. I'll send out more information about that if you want to learn more about that end of the business

George  14:59  
and That's her end of the business. And I'm excited because she's so busy. We're so busy, we are going to be moving all over the place. So I feel like I'm a truck driver now. But I'm the Support Unit. I'm going to back her up. 100% We're gonna get this thing done.

Lisa RichartHernandez  15:15  
He's my right hand, man. Yeah,

George  15:17  
it's been, it's been stressful. But we can see progress, which is awesome. Yeah. And we're really excited to share with you guys. That's why we were kind of committing to putting it out there every month, so that you guys can stay tuned with us and get excited about and we'll post pictures on our website will. We're going to really pump it up. Yeah,

Lisa RichartHernandez  15:39  
definitely follow me on my Facebook, social media. If you haven't followed me individually, it's Lisa Richard dash Hernandez. It has kind of all the information about all the different resorts that we're working with. And then if you're interested in Alabama, you should really follow that paradise found RV Resort and Marina. I just love watching the drone photos come in and all the progress of the resort. We'll be breaking ground this this year, God hopefully in the next few months, and Nashville. So we'll be sharing photos and stuff like that. So there's all kinds of interesting, cool stuff we've got coming. And hopefully you'll enjoy following along as much as I enjoy being part of the process.

George  16:20  
Yeah, a lot of excitement. And even if you're just want to see a RV Resort being developed, it's it's just so interesting. Yeah, it's a lot of work that goes on in the background that people don't realize, and we're getting to see it firsthand. So for us that part of it is a new learning experience. And I'm really enjoying that.

Lisa RichartHernandez  16:38  
Yeah, yeah, very cool. George might actually be out there putting down hoping tie put down Yeah, I have

George  16:44  
to there's, you know, how many states that he say? Well,

Lisa RichartHernandez  16:48  
if you think your 246 laws times four times four minimum, then all sticking out all of where the electric is 1000 something? Yeah, so a couple 1000 stakes in the ground. Yeah, I'll keep them busy. So I gotta

George  17:03  
I gotta help him out. Yeah,

Lisa RichartHernandez  17:05  
we survived the storm down here. Wow. Wow. I tell you what, we was it Tuesday night here. Had a front come in. It was with the tornadoes. We pray for our friends in Florida that it really destroyed some RV resorts parks over there. Luckily, it doesn't look like anyone was hurt. But those tornadoes waking up at four o'clock in the morning to a tornado siren when you are in an RV motorcoach or trailers. Very scary sound. And you can hear the wind whipping and rain. Hard sideways rain.

George  17:39  
A lot of people that were here in the resort actually went to the bathrooms, the bathrooms are there kind of set up as shelters? Yeah. And our neighbors showed us pictures. There was a lot of people in bathroom. Yeah, we decided to ride it out in our 60,000 pound brick. Yeah,

Lisa RichartHernandez  17:55  
I don't you know, I think if attorney does come in straight out, you really don't have much hope anyways, but it was a little bit scary. I'll say we didn't get very much sleep that night. And the good thing is normally, if there's like a hurricane or something coming, we just drive away. But with a tornado, they kind of pop up a little bit less expected and you don't really know what to expect. So make sure whenever you do go camping at different resorts, if there is bad weather, least nowhere the safety places that you're supposed to go. So you have options. And yeah, I'll give you a little bit of peace of mind for that. So

George  18:31  
I would say any building is better than an RV but the one in Florida

Lisa RichartHernandez  18:34  
doesn't like building with God. Yes. Don't

George  18:36  
know, it looked like one of their main buildings was totally gone. And the RV is right around there. We're fine. It's hard to say ever. No. Yeah. Like you said when it hits you direct that doesn't think they better be a really, really reinforced building. Otherwise, it's kind of

Lisa RichartHernandez  18:53  
Yeah, so. Oh, I think that's about all we can tell you for our updates. But please stay tuned and like this, share our podcast follow us on our social media. If you want to reach out to us directly, you can go to rview podcast.com we spell that r v i e w podcast.com. Your your autocorrect will say review. No, it's our V. Aw podcast.com can also listen to us on Alexa. So hope to hear from you soon. Yep.

George  19:23  
And I hope you enjoyed our little teaser show and look forward to up and coming events and Episode Come

Lisa RichartHernandez  19:30  
and see us at the Tampa show. Or in Tucson. Yes,

George  19:34  
there we go. We'd love to meet you guys.

Lisa RichartHernandez  19:36  
Bye friends. Bye bye.

Outro  19:41  
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